Airbnb vs hotel serviced apartment

Airbnb vs Regulated Serviced Apartments

The advantages of serviced accommodation

When considering choosing accommodation for a holiday or a business trip, many these days might consider the different options of booking accommodation through airbnb vs hotel, or serviced apartment. Airbnb has spread around the globe, with many people expounding the virtues of significantly cheaper accommodation and greater choice when they travel. There are some good reasons why Airbnb has grown in popularity, but traditional hotels and serviced apartments continue to provide significant advantages for travellers – not to mention improved safety. Below are some of the reasons booking your next stay with us, rather than Airbnb, is a better choice.

Better Safety & Security

Large hotels and serviced apartments are responsible for the safety of lots of people, day in day out. They are also responsible for meeting government regulations for the safety of the building in which they operate their business. At LWLA we provide hard wired fire alarms to avoid ever having a flat battery. A brick fire wall exists between every apartment up to the roof so a fire cannot spread from apartment to apartment. Fire extinguishers and fire blankets are also installed in every apartment. There is security lighting in our car park and at all entrances. Gas heaters and cook tops are tested yearly for carbon dioxide presence. These same emergency protections and procedures will most likely not be in place if you stay in someone’s spare room or bungalow.

LWLA operates under the Star Ratings Quality assurance program ran by Victoria Tourism. We enjoy a 4 star rating which is assessed each year by a independent assessor on behalf of the Victorian Tourism Authority.

Consistent Quality

When you book accommodation on Airbnb, you’ll spend a lot of time searching for the right property, looking closely at photos, and reading reviews, before you book. Sometimes you get lucky and at other times the reality seriously disappoints.

Hotels and serviced apartments, by contrast, are in the business of providing 24 hour accommodation, month in month out, for years. We’ve been in business for over 15 years. We’ve learned what our guests require and what’s important, and we listen to feedback. If we didn’t, we’d be out of business. Hotels and serviced apartments learn that providing a consistent quality of service, so guests know what to expect, is the key to their success. It’s the secret to getting guests to book again. When it comes to deciding between Airbnb vs hotel or serviced apartment, you can feel confident that you’re much more likely to experience a consistent quality of service when you book your stay in a serviced apartment.

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Cleanliness & Comfort

Everyone remembers a place they’ve stayed where the dishes were dirty or the bathroom had mould. For serviced apartments and hotels, cleaning is a central aspect of everyday operations. Cleaning schedules are strictly maintained and to a high standard. A high level of cleanliness in your apartment is something you can rely on, when you book with us. When you book your accommodation on Airbnb, it can be a bit of a lottery.

When you go on holiday or on a business trip you want to be able to relax. Booking your accommodation in a serviced apartment means your towels get laundered, your sheets get changed and you come back to a fresh, clean environment each day. These are the everyday comforts that make your stay easy and allow you to get on with relaxing and doing the things you need to do.

Accountability & Assistance During Your Stay

If an Airbnb host gets a bad review that’s bad enough, they can simply close their account and open a new one with a fake name. In contrast, serviced apartments and hotels have an ongoing reputation and business name to uphold, and are therefore much more accountable for poor service.

When you stay at a serviced apartment and something is not right, there is always someone you can call on or report the problem to. With Airbnb, you never know what to expect. The owner may be onsite or away in another country. They may be responsive or choose not to be. Ultimately, there is much less incentive for Airbnb hosts to be accountable.

Lake Wendouree accommodation Ruby lounge & dining
Lake Wendouree accommodation Ruby lounge & dining

Airbnb vs Hotel Or Serviced Apartment? Peace Of Mind and Value For Money

So what’s the conclusion on Airbnb vs hotel or serviced apartment? From the standpoint of cost and safety, staying in a serviced apartment provides much better value for money and peace of mind when you travel. Lake Wendouree Luxury Apartments are located in a safe, central location in Ballarat, close to all amenities. We’re always available to help you during your stay and we always welcome your feedback.

When it comes to deciding between Airbnb vs hotel or serviced apartment, for your next holiday or business trip, you  want to know you are paying for a reliable, safe, and comfortable experience. While there may initially appear to be a difference in tariff, between traditional accommodation and Airbnb, the security, amenities and consistent level of service you get in a serviced apartment, more than makes up for (and very often, exceeds) any higher tariff you pay.